Thank you from your winner- Fiona!

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Wow what an exciting two weeks! First the snow and then getting a chance to talk to so many keen students. I was told about this competition by a previous I’m an Engineer contestant (Shout out to Claire). I have always been a keen ambassador for promoting Engineering to students as I have found that most people aren’t 100% sure as to what exactly an engineer is. Up to this point I have mostly gotten to talk to older students. I loved how with this competition I got to talk to students whose ages ranged from 7-13 in the live chats. I loved talking to each and every one of you and answering your burning questions. I am absolutely honoured to have been chosen as your winner!

I was not alone in this competition so I would also like to congratulate the ever so talented Pattie, Ivor, Eoin and Karl – it was an absolute pleasure being a part of this competition with each of you. I know all the students agree it was amazing to hear all about your work and how you became an engineer. I would also like to thank all the moderators for helping each of the live chats run as smoothly as possible even with the snow.

I would highly recommend to any fellow Engineer to take part in this competition. It is rare that you can reach out to so many students and inform them on all the amazing aspects of engineering. It is also in a casual setting so both you and the students are relaxed which always leads to easier conversations. Furthermore, through answering the amazing questions the students asked I also learned so much more about the body and how it works.

I was lucky enough to have an engineer in my family so I learnt all about it at the dinner table. However, I understand that this is not true for most. Through this competition I hope to have inspired the budding engineers in the classes that engineering might be an option for them and hopefully changed any misconceptions as to what they originally thought an engineer is.  I am planning to use the prize money to inspire more students into the field of STEM by organising a trip to the science gallery.

Finally, I would like to thank the teachers and family members for encouraging the students to take part in this process. Most importantly, I would like to thank each and every student that participated in this event. I absolutely loved talking to each of you whether it in the live chats or answering your question online. Whatever you do always keep asking questions!


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